Blog rasmi Aizat Amdan, khas untuk peminat-peminat yang ingin mengenali Aizat dengan lebih dekat.

About Me

Name Muhammad Aizat Amdan
Age 19
D.O.B 21st January 1989
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthplace Kuala Lumpur
School St. John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur (primary & secondary)
Interests Music, football, futsal, video games, Manga & Sci-fi
Fav singers Ahmad Dani and Once
Fav bands Jinbara, Dewa, Muse, Incubus & all 70’s, 80’s rock bands
Fav songs Qasidah Cinta, Risalah Hati, Hadapi Dengan Senyuman, Farhana
(actually, sumer lagu band2 di atas….ehehehhehe) 
Fav team Man Utd!!
Fav foods Burger Ampang, sambal ikan, tempoyak, kari ikan sempalit and sambal tumbuk
Fav drink Air mineral
Fav shows Friends, Jamie Oliver’s Shows, Naruto, Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, Football Focus & Forecast, Football Crazy, House, Scrubs, Entourage, Cribs
Fav quotes “I’m a dreamer, but I know I’m not the only one”
“Jannah lies below the feet of your mum”
“Kerana Cinta adalah hakikat”

Further Info

Muhammad Aizat bin Amdan or better known as AIZAT was one of the 15 final students selected for the reality programme AKADEMI FANTASIA 5 ( AF5) in 2007. He performed through 7 of the 13 AF5 concerts and in the final concert. His most successful rendition during AF5 was that of the song PERPISAHAN which received a standing ovation from the audience.
Post AF5

Since AF5, Aizat who is under a contract with MAESTRO, has been performing in shows and events for Maestro. His live performances include Gempaq Selebriti Astro throughout several states in, the AF5 Reunion Concert, Puisi Merdeka, Anugerah ERA 2007, Petronas Family Day Concert, Maxis launch, etc. Aizat had also participated in TV programmes such as Gitu2 Apek, Bersama Aznil, AC di Sini, Hari Raya Aidil Adha , Generasi Y, Musik Musik etc. He has also been featured in several publications such as in Harian Metro, Media Hiburan, Aksi, etc. Aizat’s popularity extends to Brunei where he currently has a fan base. In June 2007, Aizat was invited by the Sultan of Brunei to perform at a reception in in conjunction with His Royal Highness daughter’s wedding.

First 2 singles
In July 2007, Kasi Gegar Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. (KGE) was formed to manage the production of Aizat’s first two singles:
  • Sahabat
  • Hanya Kau Yang Mampu
Both the songs were released sometime in October and November of 2007 in Suria FM and XFresh FM. Sahabat hit No.1 in the charts of Suria 23 and Hanya Kau Yang Mampu in the charts of XFresh FM Sepuluh respectively sometime in November 2007.

Hanya Kau Yang Mampu had recently been spun on Hot FM and ERA FM. Hanya Kau Yang Mampu is currently the No.1 hit song for 4 consecutive weeks on the Hot FM chart and has climbed to No.3 in Carta ERA.Hanya Kau Yang Mampu was posted by a fan in Youtube in early March 2008 and has been receiving positive comments from visitors. Due to the popularity of the song there are now nine other unofficial music video sites on YouTube posted by fans.

Sahabat was in the list of the Malaysia Airlines Malay Song List and Hanya Kau Yang Mampu was on the song list of Royal Brunei Airline.

First Album
Aizat and KGE are currently in the midst of producing Aizat’s first album which will feature at least eight songs. Apart from his hit singles, this album will also feature songs composed by Aizat and his brothers Amar and Anas. This is to answer the call of the Malaysian music industry to promote Malaysian compositions and creativity. The album is scheduled to be released by end May/early June 2008 and will be promoted and distributed by Universal Records.